Text Box: Dave Carleen’s BLOG of MANY SUBJECTS Text Box: Dave Carleen is a multi-disciplined visual and verbal artist. This is Dave’s personal website and displays some of his accomplishments.

With his roots in the performing arts, over the years, he has participated in essentially every facet of live entertainment. Dave is also an accomplished writer with over 500 articles published in print and/or online. And he has written scores of scripts for videos, a few business plans, and many hundreds of business proposals and quotations. This is also the home of Dave Carleen’s BLOG of MANY SUBJECTS.

In entertainment, Dave had an illustrious, 20 year career as a theatrical set and light designer. And he has been a performing close-up and stage magician for over 50 years. His stage name is The Amazing Kaiser Carleen, King of Illusion. He has also performed professionally as Santa for the past several years.




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