Dave Carleen is a multi disciplined visual and verbal artist.  With his roots in the performing arts, over the years, he has participated in essentially every facet of live entertainment.  Plus, for 8 years, he was a published live entertainment critic.  This website displays some of his accomplishments. 

Currently, Mr. Carleen performs as The Amazing Kaiser Carleen, King of Illusion and is also a freelance writer.  As a writer he has written successful business plans, scripts for videos and currently for a lifestyle website called www.LocaleMagazine.com.    Dave has been performing magic for 55 years and has performed thousands of shows in 36 of the United States.

This website is also Dave Carleen’s BLOG, writing about a wide range of subjects, including current events, politics and many genres of live entertainment.



The Amazing Kaiser Carleen on YouTube


Theatrical Set and Lighting Designer


Freelance Writing Resume

(Includes Links to Many Dozens

                             of Published Writing Examples)